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Result Service - Couple Information
Alex Roubos and Anastasia Solovyeva

Name : Alex RoubosAnastasia Solovyeva
City :Not available Not available
Country :Not available Not available
Age :Not available Not available
Occupation :Not available Not available
Hobbies :Not available Not available
Favourite dance :Not available Not available
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Representing country :Not available
Best result :9 at NADB Rising Star Cup
Anything of public interest :Not available
Main trainers :Not available

Competition age :Adults A Standard
Competition(s) recorded :7
Current dance status :Not available
Begin partnership :Not available
End partnership :Not available

First competition recorded
2023-04-09 :: NADB :: NADB - Paascup - Adults A Standard - Netherlands (place 10)
Last competition recorded
2024-04-21 :: NADB :: NADB - Let´s Dance Championship - Adults A Standard - Netherlands (place 16)

All recorded competitions
2024-04-21NADB - NADB - Let´s Dance Championship
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 16)
2024-01-21NADB - NADB Rising Star Cup
Adult Standard
Netherlands(place 9)
2023-12-09NADB - NADB - Christmas Challenge Trophy
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 11)
2023-10-28NADB - NADB Halloween Cup
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 13)
2023-06-03NADB - NADB Nederlandse Kampioenschappen 2023
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 22)
2023-04-29NADB - NADB - Let´s Dance Championships
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 15)
2023-04-09NADB - NADB - Paascup
Adults A Standard
Netherlands(place 10)

How to use the Correction tool:
1. Go to the couple information page on were your name is correctly written.
2. Activate the checkbox(es) in front of the names you want to correct into your own.
3. Click on the correct button.
4. Your correct request is sent to the webmaster for approval.
  Male Name   Female Name
Alexandr Muravev   Anastasia Kutsaia
Alexandr Stroia   Anastasia Dodul
Alexandr Baurov   Anastasia Alexeevskikh
Alexandru Stroia   Anastasia Dodul
Alex Ravdel   Anastasia Gorokhova
Alexei Kabirov   Anastasia Tarlykova
Alexandru Alexandru   Anastasia Yusii
Alexandr Andriukhov   Anastasia Marchenko
Alexey Kabirov   Anastasia Tarlykova
Alexandre Katounin   Anastasia Davydova
Alexei Karaulov   Anastasia Daiter
Alex Waksman   Anastasia Korpan
Alexey Vasin   Anastasia Teniakova
Alexandr Domanitskiy   Anastasia Sokolova
Alexander Katunin   Anastasia Davydova
Alexander Yankovsky   Anastasia Purilovskaya
Alex Kabirov   Anastasia Tarlukova
Alex Santkovsky   Anastasia Kompaniez
Alexander Perevaryukha   Julia Solovyeva
Alexandr Kuznetcov   Anastasia Lavrenko
Alexey Nestruev   Anastasia Abel
Alexandr Nikolaev   Anastasia Kolchina
Alexandr Sorochinsky   Anastasia Shvarts
Alexandre Maletski   Anastasia Boitsova
Alexandr Nikushin   Anastasia Melnikova
Alexandr Kuvshinov   Anastasia Shchukina
Alexandr Frolov   Anastasia Vlasova
Alexey Rusanov   Anastasia Prokhorova
Alexey Vovk   Anastasia Troshina
Alexey Atanov   Anastasia Belikova
Alexandr Shekera   Anastasia Ermolenko
Alexandr Alekhov   Anastasia Khalemskaya
Alexandr Gureev   Anastasia Mazhorova
Alexandr Rudakov   Anastasia Shleyger
Alexey Kim   Anastasia Yugay
Alexandr Maletsky   Anastasia Boytsova
Alexandr Ivanov   Anastasia Zhivolup
Alexandr Koshkin   Anastasia Meshkova
Alexandr Shinelev   Anastasia Chernykh
Alexandr Terentiev   Anastasia Rezvushkina
Alexey Lopatikin   Valeria Solovyeva
Alexandr Netkach   Anastasia Netkach
Alexey Chebotar   Anastasia Rozhenko
Alexey Boychenko   Anastasia Grigoreva
Alexander Pavlov   Anastasia Denderina
Alexey Glukhov   Anastasia Glazunova
Alexandr Lukianov   Anastasia Moskovko
Alexey Tsarev   Anastasia Kuznetsova
Alexandr Yarkin   Anastasia Korzhova
Alexandr Neguliaev   Anastasia Ermishova
Alexandar MAKAROV   Anastasia BALAYEVA
Alexey Kolesnikov   Anastasia Stashevskaya
Alexandr Alexandrovsky   Anastasia Karpova
Alexey Parashchenko   Anastasia Novikova
Alexey Glukhov   Anastasia Gluzunona
Alex Santkovsky   Anastasia Kompanietz
Alexandr Makarov   Anastasia Balaeva
Alexey Shipilov   Anastasia Kuzmenko
Alexandr Zenkov   Anastasia Gimazova
Alexandr Khrapov   Anastasia Volzhina
Alexey Dorozhkin   Anastasia Rastorgueva
Alexey Sobolev   Anastasia Konnova
Alexandr Merkulov   Anastasia Krestianova
Alexandr Lopatin   Anastasia Gornak
Alexandr Podgorelkin   Anastasia Sokolova
Alexandr Titkov   Anastasia Prokopieva
Alexandr Kuternin   Anastasia Antelava
Alexey Alexeev   Anastasia Fedotova
Alexey Kirsanov   Anastasia Andreeva
Alexandr Cherniakhovich   Anastasia Vlasenko
Alexander Bjorn   Anastasia Jerjomina
Alexandr Abramov   Anastasia Dylevskaya
Alexey Axenov   Anastasia Stasenkova
Alexey Dolgushin   Anastasia Mashtakova
Alexey Logutov   Anastasia Viazovetskova
Alexey Degtiarev   Anastasia Novikova
Alexey Petrov   Anastasia Grokholskaya
Alexandr Sablikhin   Anastasia Rudneva
Alexey Lapshov   Anastasia Maskaeva
Alexander Shapovalov   Anastasia Kryukova
Alexey Logutov   Anastasia Viazoveskova
Alexandr Shapovalov   Anastasia Kriukova
Alexey Orlov   Anastasia Chaplygina
Alexandr Voloshin   Anastasia Melnik
Alexandr Reva   Anastasia Romanenko
Alexandr Chernjahovich   Anastasia Vlasenko
Alexey Ermilov   Anastasia Koler
Alexandr Lysenok   Anastasia Kuzko
Alex Roubos   Tessa Slieker
Alexander Kuternin   Anastasia Antelava
Alexandr Pruss   Anastasia Samoylova
Alexandr Yakovlev   Anastasia Shishkina
Alexey Nechiporuk   Anastasia Petrunina
Alexandr Mikhalkevich   Anastasia Soboleva
Alexey Panteleev   Anastasia Kuzmenko
Alexey Lobasov   Anastasia Shamarina
Alexey Nazarenko   Anastasia Zaburnenko
Alexandr Agafonov   Anastasia Gaponova
Alexey Metkin   Anastasia Olenina
Alexey Shipilov   Anastasia Lagosha
Alexey Borisov   Anastasia Gvozdeva
Alexey Zakharov   Anastasia Gornak
Alexey Birman   Anastasia Strashnova
Alexey Drutsa   Anastasia Pekusheva
Alexey Supyrev   Anastasia Bormotova
Alexandr Pupkin   Anastasia Firsova
Alexey Shilkin   Anastasia Cherkasova
Alexey Silin   Anastasia Silina
Alexandr Tavalinsky   Anastasia Khokhriakova
Alexander Iakovlev   Anastasia Shishkina
Alexey Krasnik   Anastasia Letavina
Alexandr Zibanov   Anastasia Rumiantseva
Alexandr Shapovalov   Anastasia Mikhaleva
Alexey Diakov   Anastasia Afonina
Alexandr Krasnozhenov   Anastasia Evpalova
Alexey Arifulin   Anastasia Nekozyreva
Alexandr Sysoev   Anastasia Stepanova
Alexey Supyrev   Anastasia Kuzina
Alexandr Gladyshev   Darya Solovyeva
Alexandr Tunegov   Anastasia Alexeeva
Alexandr Gasparian   Anastasia Kosova
Alexandr Koriakin   Anastasia Bespalenko
Alexey Groo   Anastasia Zakharova
Alexey Shubin   Anastasia Trifanova
Alexandr Yakovlev   Anastasia Gribanova
Alexandru Stefan Padurariu   Anastasia Herman
Alexandr Pelogeevsky   Anastasia Kravchenko
Alexandr Morozov   Anastasia Antropova
Alexander Borisov   Anastasia Fokina
Alexey Korolev   Anastasia Stasenkova
Alexey Isaev   Anastasia Senchenko
Alexandr Pankov   Anastasia Beliaeva
Alexandr Lisovik   Anastasia Shmakova
Alexey Kondakov   Anastasia Ivanova
Alexandr Bayrakov   Anastasia Nesterova
Alexandr Kolesov   Anastasia Treshcheva
Alexey Kolotukhin   Anastasia Arbuzova
Alexandr Panov   Anastasia Zinkovich
Alexandr Kovalenko   Anastasia Fedchenko
Alexey Potselov   Anastasia Perkova
Alexandr Gubinsky   Anastasia Bukaeva
Alexandr Chiriatnikov   Anastasia Grigorieva
Alexandr Lutskov   Anastasia Ptashinskaya
Alexey Ivanov   Anastasia Gavrichenkova
Alexey Novichkov   Anastasia Kuznetsova
Alexandr Razorenov   Anastasia Nasulenko
Alexandr Andreev   Anastasia Kuznetsova
Ivo Muusse   Anastasia Solovyeva
Alex Roubos   Melanie Lindenberg
Nick Boonekamp   Anastasia Solovyeva
Alexandre Tiran   Anastasia Tiran
Alexandru Simboteanu   Georgeta-Anastasia Ignat
Alexandr Zviagintsev   Anastasia Solomatina
Alexandr Vasiliev   Anastasia Liukshonkova
Alexey Kapusta   Anastasia Zharkova
Alex Roubos   Sandrine Willemsen
Alexey Vasiutin   Anastasia Ptashinskaya
Alexander Schleicher   Anastasia Schleicher
Michael Beers   Anastasia Solovyeva
Alexandr Miasnikov   Anastasia Sitnikova
Alex Roubos   Solovyeva Solovyeva
Alexandru Platonenco   Anastasia Bucica
Alexandr Martalog   Anastasia Pasecinic

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1. If on your couple information page the names are incorrectly spelled.
2. Fill in the form and sent it to the webmaster.
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