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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin
City :Pieve Di Cento
Country :Italy
Date :Thursday, 03-22-2018
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :Open
Age :Adult Rising Stars LA

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF Rising Stars Open Latin / Adult Rising Stars LA
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Daniel Dingis - Natalia Velikina Germany
2Vladimir Timofeev - Evgenia Florinskaya Russian Federation
3Mikael Tatarkin - Anja Pritekelj Germany
4David Diaz Falcon - Denise Beccari Esp
5Alessandro Tenore - Elena De Biase Italy
6Christian Garofalo - Maria Garofalo Italy
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Wang Zhengyang - Li Yuke Chn
8Vadim Dzhangidze - Alisa Glazkova Russian Federation
8Salvatore Capilli - Serena Aniello Italy
10Nicholas Leandro - Sophie Papagni Ita
10Boris Milev - Veronica Sapienza Bul
12Justin Lauer - Alisia Trunov Tsc Saltatio Neustadt Im Tv 1860 MuίBach
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Wang Tianxu - Sang Yutong China
14Alessio Cona - Silvia Bolognesi Italy
15Rene Libera - Nadja Spalek Ger
16Nicola Di Cosola - Maryna Muliar Ita
17Dimitar Dimitrov - Elizabett Gross Bul
18Kazuki Hachiya - Madoka Minakawa Japan
19Giovanni Cavallo - Maldivia Polini Photos of couple available  Italy
20Ole Thomas Hansen - Julie Gudim Bjerkaas Norway
21Domenico Franzo - Alexandra Mavlutova Germany
21Patrick Lewke - Angelina Ginsheimer Germany
23Jani Neulaniemi - Saara Sokura Finland
24Domenico Ameglio - Gaia Serpini Ita
25Stefano Galletto - Giorgia Bellini Ita
25Santino Antonio Alessandro Mirenna - Emilie Marie Moseng Tellefsen Norway
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
27Damiano Bezze - Anna Pluti Ita
27Jettapon Inthakun - Apichaya Kuptawanith Thailand
29Velizar Georgiev - Polina Kimova Bul
29Wang Ying - Du Jiaze People'S Republic Of China
31Gabriele Ortenzi - Sara Agus Italy
31Fabio Monteiro - Gaia Sclisizzi Por
31Martin Graf - Marianna Roschnow Germany
34Matteo Pusceddu - Michela Serra Italy
35Berkay Cihan - Jelena Koelble Germany
35Nguyen Trung Kien - Pham Hong Anh Vietnam
37Raffaele Di Muro - Teresa Montano Italy
38Alberto De Zotti - Marina Dal Cason Italy
39Nguyen Doan Minh Truong - Nguyen Trong Nha Uyen Vie
39Carmelo Foresti - Angelica Italiano Italy
41Daniel Bras - Marie Glistova Cze
42Sverre Orjasaeter Fjellstad - Ronja Oestensvik Norway
42Andreas Foklas - Anastasiia Babaeva Cyprus
42Jiang Hao - Huang Yanan Chn
45Ettore Palombo - Angelica Salvati Italy
45Massimiliano Fulceri - Vittoria Frontera Italy
47Castelli Federico - Giulia Santi Ita
48Salvatore Bonfardeci - Jasna Mastro Ita
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
49Dmitri Borovski - Alisa Alexandrova Finland
49Alessio Marotta - Selene Naimi Ita
51Toshiya Ohkubo - Haruka Yoshimura Japan
51Edward Torresin - Stefania Tellatin Italy
53Mirco Boccaletti - Rachel Spedicato Italy
53Alessandro Cometa - Alessia Ludovico Italy
55Lin Yung Cheng - Lin Serena Chinese Taipei
56Giorgio De Ponti - Michaela Ruggiero Italy
56Hiroaki Onishi - Sakina Onishi Japan
56Erik Saracino - Lory Ruspaggiari Italy
59Glenn Feddema - Maite Verheyden Netherlands
59Kazuki Sugawara - Laura Collavizza Japan
61Lorenzo Vizzarri - Loretta Pezzoli Italy
61Aleks Valente - Tolnai Krisztina Hun
61Mirko Maina - Alice Copete Fra
64Alan Cragnolini - Martina Bortolotti Ita
64Manuel D'Urzo - Elena Pascucci Italy
64Liu Kai Sum Sam - Liu Wan Hin Hongkong,China
64Tran Phuc - Nguyen Huong Vietnam
68Davide Fenu - Andrea Secci Italy
68Mirko Ranieri - Ilenia Govoni Ita
70Jakub Slavik - Maria Kiseleva Svk
70Jaakko Saaristo - Anne Haataja Fin
70Davide Cofone - Julie Bogely Italy
73Angelo Micciche' - Chiara Micciche' Italy
74Emanuele Pagliaroli Castagnoli - Giulia Filipponi Italy
74Gianmarco Rotondi - Martina Cavina Ita
76Antonino Capoccetta - Noemi Gramegna Ita
77Dario Usai - Martina Fadda Italy
77Alessandro Reina - Sara Ecchia Ita
77Pasquale Cascone - Anna Santarpia Italy
80Hoang Quang Anh - Le Thuc Hien Vie
81Leonardo Bezzi - Elena Gamberini Italy
81Chua Zjen Thak - Che Xin Nee Malaysia
81Ivan Vazquez - Jahzeel Stefany Acevedo Jimenez Mex
84Tommaso Clementi - Valentina Sopranzi Italy
85Antonio Stripoli - Katia Monocchio Italy
86Armando Tortora - Flavia Napolitano Italy
86Leonardo Puggioni - Giorgia Frasca Ita
86Stefano Masin - Miriam Perez Ita
89Alessandro Franci - Linda Cattani Italy
89Lorenzo Lipparini - Asia Perini Italy
89Shingo Nagoshi - Akiko Nagoshi Japan
89Andrea Zizza - Caterina Alberghini Italy
93Lorenzo Andrea Salmasi - Nilit Preiger Ita
94Federico Polastri - Eleonora Borrello Italy
95Francesco Rotatori - Erika Pasquini Italy
95Stefano Viti - Chiara Scarponi Italy
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
97Eros Benedetti - Chiara Spada Ita
97Aleksander Jokic - Maria Lyngstad Norway
99Carles Borrell - Mar Albelda Spain
99Mattia Gagnone - Simona Randazzo Italy
101Raimondi Nicola - Giorgia Guglielmino Ita
101Lorenzo Bernardi - Angelica Tempone Ita
103Lorenzo Liurni - Eleonora Catini Italy
103Orazio Spadaro - Alice Tiberia Italy
103Inchiappa Vincenzo - Burgio Aurora Italy
106Francesco Delmonte - Giorgia Cali' Ita
107Giacomo Pederzoli - Melissa Camporesi Italy
108Lin Daniel - Chen Angelina Chinese Taipei
108Sidor Bogdan - Bunduc Andreea Rou
110Georgios Paraskevas - Loudmila Georgiou Cyp
111Gabriele Tarantino - Gloria Ballotta Ita
112Piermattia Balboni - Laura Marcolongo Ita
112Giuseppe Carillo - Martina Livia Guglielmotti Ita
114John Christofides - Theodora Constantinou Cyprus
115Alex Savoia - Martina Bettini Ita
116Michele Perini - Irene Trevisan Italy
117Grotti Federico - Manuela Ansaloni Ita
118Antonio Crispo - Aurora Manco Ita
119Lorenzo Cavallo - Mariangela Tumino Ita
120Lee Yau Loeng - Low Tzyy Yi Malaysia
121Nik Kardum - Neza Colja Slo
121Lim Yee Loon - Kek Xin Hui Mas
123Emanuele Rapisarda - Melody Perasso Fra
124Boris Oreshkov - Sara Mingarelli Ita
125Alessandro Abatecola - Silvia Leo Italy