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Absolutely new royal blue ballroom dress
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Great Latin Dress
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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF International Open Latin
City :Fabriano
Country :Italy
Date :Saturday, 01-12-2019
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Latin
Type :Not available
Age :Adult Latin

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF International Open Latin / Adult Latin
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
2Andrey Gusev - Vera Bondareva Photos of couple available  Russian Federation
3Edgar Marcos Borjas - Alina Nowak Photos of couple available  Spain
4Vito Coppola - Oona Oinas Ita
5Stefano Mendolia - Alexandra Koldan Italy
6Francesco Esposito - Svetlana Kostenko Photos of couple available  Italy
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Vladislav Khait - Ilenia Pia Mancuso Italy
8Vladislav Tkachenko - Alexandra Tarasenko Russianfederation
9Dumitru Cernei - Oxana Kononova Ger
10David Diaz Falcon - Denise Beccari Esp
11Nunzio Felice - Mari Yiangou Cyprus
12Lorenzo Molitierno - Yana Koroleva Italy
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Roman Syrykh - Elizabeth Zymovets Ger
14Pasquale Tufano - Diana Satskevich Cyp
15Vladimir Timofeev - Evgenia Florinskaya Russian Federation
16Manuel Longhitano - Moira Lorenzon Italy
17Raffaello Brancato - Elizaveta Pustornakova Rus
18Maxim Zmeev - Anna Shestokrilova Uzb
19Andrea Borrelli - Chantal Green Profile page present and updated England
19Nicholas Leandro - Rachel Spedicato Ita
19Alex Salvador - Alice Chiocchi Italy
19Vincenzo Chianese - Margarita Datciuk Ita
23Glenn Feddema - Valery Mishel Petruna Netherlands
23Vladislav Untu - Polina Baryshnikova Mda
25Ricardo Arteaga Perez - Estefania Ruiz Spain
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
26Boris Milev - Anastasiia Darchuk Bul
27Petrenko Tamas - Barbara Pedro Por
28Nicola Di Cosola - Maryna Muliar Ita
28Vedran Sraga - Paula Hude Cro
30Oskar Hemmelmayr - Rozetta Kats Netherlands
30Giovanni Pisacane - Gaia Cirillo Italy
32Ilia Shvaunov - Polina Kadushko Blr
33Nicola Varaschin - Mara Livotto Italy
33Andreas Foklas - Kristina Claudia Sofie Dejnega Cyp
35Carles Borrell - Mar Albelda Spain
35Lorenzo Vizzarri - Loretta Pezzoli Italy
37Alberto De Zotti - Marina Dal Cason Italy
38Marvin Ochs - Jule Stellrecht Germany
39Giuseppe Pio Scerra - Marie Catherine Wittmann Ger
40Edward Torresin - Stefania Tellatin Italy
41Alessandro Reina - Sara Ecchia Ita
42Salvatore Bonfardeci - Jasna Mastro Ita
42Andrea Cuzzola - Cristina Robatto Italy
44Raffaele Di Muro - Teresa Montano Italy
45Davide Martinello - Speranza Dal Sasso Ita
46Salvatore Pistelli - Giada Vanacore Ita
46Mirco Boccaletti - Alessia Beccari Ita
48Cristian Malanga - Serino Giusy Ita
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
49Piermattia Balboni - Laura Marcolongo Ita
50Erik Saracino - Lory Ruspaggiari Italy
50Antonio Stripoli - Katia Monocchio Italy
52Lorenzo Bernardi - Angelica Tempone Ita
52Marco Marfia - Ambra Cotti Italy
54Alessandro Bertolini - Anna Pirani Ita
55Davide Cofone - Julie Bogely Italy
55Manuel D'Urzo - Elena Pascucci Italy
57Alessandro Cimaroli - Emily Ugolini Ita
58John Anschitz - Erika Buchmueller Ger
59Lorenzo Cavallo - Mariangela Tumino Ita
60Orazio Spadaro - Alice Tiberia Italy
61Calin Codrut Gabriel - Vanessa Gentili Ita
62Tommaso Clementi - Valentina Sopranzi Italy
63Antoine Dartois - Consuela Nicula Belgium
64Mirko Ranieri - Ilenia Govoni Ita
64Stefano Viti - Chiara Scarponi Italy
64Mattia Marzani - Beatrice Maini Ita
67Aaron Clark - Giulia Andrea Giannotti Aus
67Ciro De Marco - Martina Esposito Italy
69Federico Fanti - Milena Pedretti Ita
69Gerardo Zezze - Lucia Zezze Ita
71Emanuele Ruggiero - Federica Maria Palma Esposito Ita
71Francesco Delmonte - Giorgia Cali' Ita
71Giuseppe Pizzi - Liliya Azvolynska Germany
74Ferdinando Pio Eredita - Ludovica Vaiano Ita
75Pietro Tomassetti - Linda Brandi Ita
75Andrea Zizza - Caterina Alberghini Italy
77Grotti Federico - Manuela Ansaloni Ita
77Matteo Orlandi - Amina Bragoni Ita
79Alessandro Alveti - Giulia Magnante Ita
79Dominik Bienert - Laura-Violetta Czichon Germany
79Stefano Maltese - Chiara Alessandra Cerullo Ita
79Lorenzo Lipparini - Martina Bettini Ita
79Francesco Pinto - Veronica D'Ambrosio Ita
79Alex Savoia - Denise Teglia Ita
85Ludovico Buccellato - Clara Di Noto Ita
85Fabio Sancini - Valentina Ropa Ita
87Boris Oreshkov - Noemi Butera Ita
88Marco Frazzoni - Giorgia Manzoli Ita
88Riccardo Romani - Benedetta Andreoni Ita
88Alessandro Filippo Della Rosa - Marika Tirafili Italy
91Pietro Luzzi - Irene Banci Ita
91Alessandro Abatecola - Silvia Leo Italy
91Paolo Biancucci - Chiara Sapora Italy
91Mattia Mascarucci - Deborah Teglia Ita
95Christian Galasso - Marika Galasso Ita
95Tommaso Bragoni - Claudia Vena Ita
95Paolo Forti - Giorgia Bianconcini Ita
95Giovanni Pasquini - Denise Serpilli Ita
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
99Giorgio Gualandi - Antonella Gamberini Italy
100Carlo Dell'Orefice - Linda Menna Italy
101Giacomo Pederzoli - Melissa Camporesi Italy
102Alain Riberi - Adelyne Riberi Photos of couple available  France
103Liu Kai Sum Sam - Liu Wan Hin Hongkong,China
103Fabio Bernardini - Elisa Garuti Italy
105Gregorio Corello - Darya Suslova Italy
105Federico Polastri - Eleonora Borrello Italy
105Sandro Amitrano - Gabriella Raspino Italy
108Serafino Rossi - Morena Brunetti Ita