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Absolutely New Ballroom competition dres...
€ 750.00 Fixed price
Elegant Ballroom Competition Dress
United States
€ 1500.00 Negotiable
Stunning Competition Dress by "LE F...
United States
€ 4500.00 Negotiable
Red Black Ballroom dress
United States
€ 1600.00 Fixed price
Velvet Tiger Ballroom Dance Dress
€ 650.00 Negotiable
€ 1750.00 Negotiable
Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1000.00 Negotiable
Bright and Elegant dress!!
€ 700.00 Contact us
Black and Green Ballroom dress
€ 875.00 Contact us
VESA dress for sale!
€ 900.00 Fixed price
Dresses / Tail Suits  
Absolutely new royal blue ballroom dress
€ 800.00 Fixed price
Size: S- M
Great Latin Dress
United States
€ 1650.00 Negotiable
Size: XS/ S
€ 1000.00 Fixed price
Size: S
Vesa Latin Dance Dress - pink
€ 999.00 Negotiable
Size: Small
Ballroom dress for sale
€ 800.00 Negotiable
Size: S
Dancing Day Italian atelier ballroom dress
€ 1000.00 Contact us
Size: 34-38
The best dress.
€ 100.00 Fixed price
Size: 38-42
Stunning Pink SAPIEL Atelier
€ 700.00 Highest offer
Size: EU 44 - UK 16
Enchanting standard
€ 1400.00 Negotiable
Size: XS-S, 36-38
Classy Lilac Dress with Swarovski Crystals
United States
€ 500.00 Negotiable
Size: US 0-2
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Result Service - Competition info
Name competition :WDSF International Open Standard
City :Prato
Country :Italy
Date :Sunday, 02-17-2019
Association :IDSF
Disipline :Standard
Type :International Open
Age :Adult Standard

Result Service - Results

Result Service / WDSF International Open Standard / Adult Standard
Search string:
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
1Francesco Galuppo - Debora Pacini Photos of couple available  Italy
2David Odstrcil - Tara Bohak Photos of couple available  Czech Republic
3Andres Liiv - Kristin Vaha Photos of couple available  Estonia
4Patrick Rucinski - Tatiana Veselkina Canada
5Dmitry Pleshkov - Anastasia Kulbeda Russian Federation
6Errol Williamson - Ami Williamson Denmark
Semi Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
7Igor Ammosov - Liubov Vasileva Russian Federation
8Jean Francois Gueudry - Ilmira Yarullina France
9Egor Starchenko - Daria Rodina Russian Federation
10Vladislav Untu - Polina Baryshnikova Mda
10Kazuki Sugawara - Laura Collavizza Japan
12Daniel Buonarrivo - Anastasia Martynova Italy
Quarter Final
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
13Liu Jiaxi - Zhou Xinning Chn
14Dariusz Stopka - Karolina Rek Poland
15Vincenzo Chianese - Margarita Datciuk Ita
16Gabriele Veca - Giulia Scimia Italy
17Emanuele Massacci - Carlotta Brancozzi Italy
18Pavel Kosterin - Karina Demiankova Rus
19Yang Haoning - Sha Hanyu People'S Republic Of China
20Nikolay Sukhanov - Anna Lapteva Russian Federation
21Nikita Goncharov - Alina Siranya Muschalik Germany
21Jacopo Casotto - Jenni Heikkila Finland
23Zhang Han - Zhuang Qingqing People'S Republic Of China
24Petr Kulikov - Maria Mukhina Netherlands
Round 3
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
25Alessandro Serra - Laura Barra Italy
26Dawid Kurzawa - Kamilla Anuszkiewicz Poland
27Liu Kai Sum Sam - Liu Wan Hin Hongkong,China
27Lin Li - Giulia Giacoppo Chinese Taipei
29Daniil Antonik - Ave Liina Tennokese Est
30Fang Congyu - Zhou Weiyi China
31Gregorio Corello - Darya Suslova Italy
31Oskar Hemmelmayr - Rozetta Kats Netherlands
33Shi Long - Xiao Chenxi People'S Republic Of China
34Matteo Scotto Di Porta - Samanta Salatin Italy
34Dawid Kaleta - Paulina Karkosik Swe
36Lee Gyuho - Nuri Na Korea
36Jarno Miani - Lisa Tomat Italy
38Aurimas Meska - Gabija Lapseviciute Lithuania
38Igor Pikunov - Natalia Kostina Rus
38Ignazio Grignani - Ilaria Gianfranchi Photos of couple available  Italy
41Sin Kam Ho - Lee Jerry Hkg
42Robin Lataire - Elien Laukens Belgium
43Giuseppe Pizzi - Liliya Azvolynska Germany
44Andrea Storoni - Sissy Rondina Italy
44Samoila' Radu - Luana Valentino Ita
46Francesco Pinto - Veronica D'Ambrosio Ita
46Sandro Marotta - Alessia Nincheri Ita
46Simone Santini - Marika D'Olimpio Ita
46Alessandro Laineri - Ginevra Nanni Italy
Round 2
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
50Manuel Fiaschi - Asia Minuti Ita
51Teo Chee Seng Edwin - Tan Cheer Ching Kimberly Malaysia
52Valerio Donnari - Angelica Anselmi Ita
52Nicholas Fioraso - Arianna Quercioli Ita
54Aaron Clark - Giulia Andrea Giannotti Aus
54Kevin Perfetti - Giada Bellabarba Ita
56Francesco Colucciello - Camilla Colucciello Ita
57Daniele Merola - Giorgia De Siena Ita
57Graziano Brusciati - Maria Pipoli Ita
59Odoardo Desiderato - Stefania Dainese Italy
60Angelo Castiglione - Francesca Monaco Ita
61Pietro Luzzi - Irene Banci Ita
62Massimiliano Rossi - Ketty Dorigo Italy
63Alessio Pelliciardi - Laura Pelliciardi Italy
63Danny Garbin - Manuela Bernardi Italy
65Fabio Bernardini - Elisa Garuti Italy
65Alberto Consonni - Alessandra Drighetto Ita
67Giacomo Mini - Carmine Banti Italy
67Francesco Perdichizzi - Benedetta Saraga Ita
69Angelo Iacovissi - Cinzia Restante Photos of couple available  Italy
70Matteo Venturi - Ludovica Galvan Italy
70Jean-Hugues Henneghien - Elvira Beschi Bel
70Alessandro Grigolin - Vanessa Dainese Italy
70Emiliano Conte - Michela Conte Ita
74Marco Viale - Beatrice Deon Italy
74Antonino Bensorte - Simona Risico Ita
76Federico Galvan - Santina Peirolo Italy
76Giorgio Gualandi - Antonella Gamberini Italy
78Ivan Adamo - Giorgia Buglino Ita
78Filippo Santucci - Sara Paciaroni Ita
80Sergio Mazzoccanti - Cinzia Sabatini Ita
80Stefano Vendrame - Mayra Zoccoletto Ita
82Fabrizio Quercioli - Maria Antonietta Lischetti Ita
82Fabrizio Spadoni - Sabrina Ganapini Ita
82Lorenzo Bettinelli - Sylvie Claudine Giacomello Italy
82Marco Viviani - Luisa Pistoni Italy
82Marco Grasso - Valeria Varricchio Ita
82Roberto Rotini - Elisabetta Somigli Ita
82Edoardo Rigoni - Giulia Roncato Italy
89Sergio Savio - Patrizia Flandoli Italy
89Giorgio Venturini - Sara Tofi Italy
89Salvatore Imbellone - Loredana De Zio Photos of couple available  Italy
89Silvano Nikpal - Elena Biagioni Photos of couple available  Italy
89Fausto Esposito - Maria Priori Italy
89Vincenzo Vergata - Beatrice Andrei Italy
89Graziano Mungai - Ambra Tesi Italy
89Andrea Martin - Elena Biancolin Italy
Round 1
PLCouplenumber and Couple nameMediaSponsorsCountry
97Fabrizio Venturini - Sabrina Verdini Italy
97Umberto Danielli - Margherita Bisol Italy
99Giuseppe Del Vecchio - Petita De Angelis Italy
100Claudio Salvadorini - Franca Bencini Italy
101Mauro Mugnai - Luciana Bottega Italy
102Rodolfo Bronzetti - Fulvia Peirano Italy
102Alvio Rossi - Laura Martinelli Italy
104Luciano Felici - Domenica Angela Buzzi Italy
105Luca Papini - Simona Ciolfi Ita
106Marco Bolzan - Maria Berna Italy
106Luciano Vomiero - Laura Dalla Monta' Italy
106Paolo Menesello - Bianca Dirignani Ita
109Andrea Bavone - Maria Grazia Olmi Ita
110Renzo Birtolo - Daniela Pepi Ita
110Luigino Pedron - Francesca Giacomini Ita
112Giuseppe Conte - Maddalena De Stefano Ita
112Roberto Burrometo - Daniela Pagano Italy
112Giovanni Palomba - Rita Santolo Ita
115Marco Rossotti - Laura Emma Bonamico Ita
116Franco Costantini - Maria Cristina Fiaschi Italy
117Roberto Cervellini - Claudia Boni Italy
118Riccardo Gelli - Marzia Toni Italy
118Maurizio Grammatica - Raffaella Scaramuccia Puccianti Italy
120Gionni Valandro - Rossella Bressan Italy
120Rosario Patane' - Adriana Rossi Italy
122Paolo Carmignato - Elena Visentini Italy
122Massimo Bonini - Paola Bonciani Italy
124Loris Stella - Maria Bonafini Ita
125Paolo Bellugi - Liana Matteini Italy
126Roberto Bettazzi - Dina Valleverde Cericola Ita
127Franco Mazzoni - Stefania Lucaccini Italy
127Gianluca Guardabasso - Veronica Galliera Ita
129Aldo Guglielmini Ceresa - Cecilia Adorni Braccesi Italy
129Roberto Corti - Loretta Biondi Italy
131Michele Marchetti - Camilla Ravaioli Ita
131Francesco Medaglia - Maria Solinas Italy
131Claudio Novi - Marlene Canesi Ita
134Bietti Italo - Maria Jose Agliani Ita